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I’m picking up my blogging practice on LinkedIn


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I’ve Moved!

Please visit me at my site Golden Insights.

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Oscar Berg of The Content Economy, tweeted 10 insightful questions for knowledge workers this morning.  (Try this link to see directly in twitter.)  These 10 questions should be asked by anyone doing knowledge work or anyone helping knowledge workers do their work better.  Even though, these are questions we ask (or should ask) ourselves everyday, knowledge workers don’t necessarily have the tools to efficiently find the answers.

Case in point–Knowledge worker question #8: How do I keep, access and re-find information that I find potentially valuable? Most people I know keep their important documents and information in their outlook folders and are proud of the fact that they have over a Gig of emails in the pst files.  Some of these people actually find the information they need, but they waste half their days doing so.  Finding solutions to this problem on a organizational level saves hours upon hours of time and terrabytes of data.

See below for more:

knowledge worker questions

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Why use twitter?

I just saw that Robert Scoble (Scobleizer) has warded off Twitter.  Apparently, Twitter is just too one minute ago.  In Scoble’s eyes, Twitter and Friendfeed are not effective agents for creating long term knowledge.

One thing is that knowledge is suffering [in Twitter]. See, [in the blogosphere], it is easy to find old blogs. Just go to Google and search. What would you like me to find? Chinese Earthquake? Google has it.

Now, quick, find the first 20 tweets or FriendFeed items about the Chinese Earthquake. It’s impossible. I’m an advanced searcher and I can’t find them, even using the cool Twitter Search engine.

This is a compelling arguement against using Twitter to share everything that’s on one’s mind–especially if you want your tweets to be found sometime in the future.  I’m not going to argue with Scoble about this.  In my estimation, he’s right, but that doesn’t mean I’m warding off Twitter too.

My interest lies mostly in the use of  Twitter, Yammer, SocialText, etc as communication tool within an organizational setting.  In the organization, being able to search for information is important, but Twitter’s strength is in being able to communicate ideas NOW.   Yes, Twitter may present problems with Search, but it is highly effective in other ways.

  • Twitter Answers Questions. Post a question, get an answer–and an answer–and yet another answer.  Allowing an open forum for answering questions provides a way for employees to get the information they need quickly.
  • Twitter Creates networks.  Everyone wants to be a part of a group and Twitter connects people.  Strengthening your company networks is key to efficient communication and innovation.
  • Twitter Provides an Avenue for Sharing. Read a useful book, blog, or magazine article?  Tell your peers.  Maybe they can use the information to make their own department/business unit/company even better.
  • Twitter lets Executives Jump into the Corporate Culture. Executives can’t talk to everyone, but they CAN dip into the Twitter stream to see what’s working and what’s not for employees.

I’m sure there are other benefits for using microbloging in the enterprise, but these are just a few.   Any others???

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I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while.  Life happens.  Lots has changed in my professional world, and I’m looking forward to shifting some of my writing towards some new”ish” interests including:

  • Social Networking and Media as productivity tools in the workplace,
  • The technology of public relations,
  • Solution development with technology, without the I.T. department.

I’ll be teasing out these ideas and revisiting some of my old themes such as business process management and innovation strategies.  I’m particularly excited about writing periodic posts that I will call “Process Alerts.”  These Process Alerts will focus on recent news regarding how businesses have changed their processes.

My goals for this blog are three-fold:

  1. To learn by writing.
  2. To develop a network (please comment on my posts).
  3. To share what I have learned.

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to providing my insights and reading yours…

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More Johnny Bunko

This is a fantastic presentation about Dan Pink's new book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko.  I wrote about the book in a previous post.  If you don't read the book, you should take a look at this presentation.  It's well designed (by a master) and presents the essence of the book.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here at GoldenInsights.  I haven’t been thinking a lot about business process analysis, and so I haven’t really been inspired to write about it either.  My newish job is less about business process analysis then my previous job.  At any rate, I have not been focusing on BPM in my day job, so I don’t have much to say about BPM right now. 

That shouldn’t keep me from posting, right?  I do have some things that are inspiring me to write, such as personal productivity, social networking, and the miscellany of books I am reading.  I am excited about some "Web 2.0" applications that I’ve been trying out, and I have found a bunch that I’ve been able to seamlessly integrate into my work and personal life.  Some of them have not worked for me.  I’d like to write about them.  Also, I’m going to start an MBA program online–I’d like to write about that too. 

I’ve received some positive reinforcement about my blog over the last year, and I appreciate the feedback.  I hope that those who are subscribed to GoldenInsights will continue to read what I have to say even though my focus is changing.  As always, I welcome your comments at GoldenInsights, and look forward to creating a dynamic conversation…   


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