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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here at GoldenInsights.  I haven’t been thinking a lot about business process analysis, and so I haven’t really been inspired to write about it either.  My newish job is less about business process analysis then my previous job.  At any rate, I have not been focusing on BPM in my day job, so I don’t have much to say about BPM right now. 

That shouldn’t keep me from posting, right?  I do have some things that are inspiring me to write, such as personal productivity, social networking, and the miscellany of books I am reading.  I am excited about some "Web 2.0" applications that I’ve been trying out, and I have found a bunch that I’ve been able to seamlessly integrate into my work and personal life.  Some of them have not worked for me.  I’d like to write about them.  Also, I’m going to start an MBA program online–I’d like to write about that too. 

I’ve received some positive reinforcement about my blog over the last year, and I appreciate the feedback.  I hope that those who are subscribed to GoldenInsights will continue to read what I have to say even though my focus is changing.  As always, I welcome your comments at GoldenInsights, and look forward to creating a dynamic conversation…   



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